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  Quotes of guests who have stayed previously:

 "The most beautiful apartment I know in Rio"
      Elizabeth Leeds, ex-Ford Foundation in Rio and now researcher at New York       University in New York, United States.

 "If you want to experience the enchantment of the city the roof terrace        of this charming, monumental building is the place to be.
       Bernhard von Treuenfels, director of an international financial
       consultancy in Hamburg

 "An apartment as a theatre"
      Marcel Maison, internationally acknowledged interior designer in Bahia, Brazil.

 "The most beautiful view I know"
       Hans Glaubitz, former Dutch ambassador in Talinn, Estonia.

 "This is a self sufficient apartment and the ideal combination of nature
     and the sophistication of urban good taste".

     Norma Morandini, tv-personality, columnist and senator in Buenos Aires.

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