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Come to Rio and discover that everyone's day begins at the beach. That kindness to strangers is still a thing of the big city. That when you are old you can still play cards with your friends in the street.
That the best music is played outside and is free. That a metropolis can still have deserted beaches. That the best local dishes are served on the sidewalk. That whatever the time of the day (or night) you can encounter a pick-up soccer game. That dancing doesn't use but adds energy. That having a beer in a bar may be the beginning of a long friendship. That a few miles of travel can take you back a hundred years.

 You will be an insider of Carioca life in a flash because the owner has left you a folder full of tips on hidden treasures of Rio. This special list with everything that should not be missed including tips on where to eat, dance, get money and shop, is waiting for you.

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